Saber Fazliahmadi

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E-mail:                                                                     Location: Tehran, Iran



Thesis: effects of selected Tehran doctors using web-based healthcare integrated information systems on reducing medical errors. (18/20)

  • S. in Electrical Engineering, Control                             ۲۰۰۷- ۲۰۱۳

Department of Electrical Engineering, Qazvin Branch, Azad University, Qazvin, Iran.


Research Interests

  • Computer Security



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  • Saber Fazliahmadi, Seyed Jamaleddin Tabibi, Farhad Ghaffari, “The Effect of Decision Support System in the Integrated Information System of Selected Physicians in Tehran on the Number of Drug Interactions”, ۳rd International Conference on Management and Accounting, ISC, CIVILICA, Iran, 2018. Acceptance Letter
  • Saber Fazliahmadi, Seyed Jamaleddin Tabibi, Farhad Ghaffari, “The Effect of Tehran’s Selected Doctors Using Integrated Information Systems on Reducing Medical Errors”, ۵th National Conference on Applied Research in Management and Accounting, ISC, CIVILICA, Iran, 2018. Acceptance Letter

Honors and Awards

  • Programming, launching, sales and supporting the first intelligent web-based healthcare management software for doctors and patients in Iran as a health startup in Avatech Iranian startups accelerator, also this software faced a vast number of consumers in Iran therefore, in less than 7 months more than 100 doctors started to use this software hence it had a dramatic growth rate. Iran, 2018, project link:
  • Achieved the first rank in Avatech 4th round competition for web-based healthcare applications development, also it faced a lot of attention from the media and got listed among top 3 healthcare startups in Iran, in the year 2018. My pitching video links in the demo day in order to introduce my idea on the main stage of the startup festival in front of visitors (potential investors, partners and customers) is available here:
  • Receiving investment from the Avatech Iranian startups’ accelerator in a healthcare startups competition between more than 100 participants, Iran, 2018.
  • Ranked 1st in Science and Research Branch Azad University ۲۴ Hours Coding Competition, 2018.

Course Attended

Research Experience

  • “Effect of using interactive smartphones chat-bot and web-based phone-call reminder systems on selected Tehran medical clinics software”, Data Mining and Data Warehousing course, MS, 2016, Advisor Dr. Seyed Javad Mirabedini
  • “A review of web-based healthcare management information systems: concepts, cases, practical software”, Business Process Re-Engineering Course, MS, 2015, Advisor: Seyed Javad Mirabedini

Work Experience

I am an Entrepreneur & Full Stack Web Developer with Experiences of One Successful and Two Failed Startups

Technical & Marketing Tools I Used in my Startups: Python, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, AngularJS, Node.js, ReactJS, SEO Strategies and Growth Hacking Techniques

  • Working in Azmayesh Online Company as a Web Developer, November 2017 – March 2019, Tehran, Iran. Work Certificate
  • Creating websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other relevant web design coding languages.
  • Develop databases that support web applications and web sites.
  • Maintain and update websites.
  • Troubleshoot website problems.
  • Document technical factors such as server load, bandwidth and database performance.
  • Stay up-to-date on web technology.
  • Working in System Designers Company as a Software Developer, November 2013 – November 2017, Tehran, Iran. Work Certificate
  • Researching, designing, implementing, and managing software programs.
  • Testing and evaluating new programs.
  • Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications.
  • Writing and implementing efficient code.
  • Determining operational practicality.
  • Founder & Tech CEO at, ۲۰۱۵ – Present, Tehran, Iran. (My Startup)

Programming, launching and supporting the first intelligent web-based healthcare management software for doctors and patients in Iran as a healthcare startup.

Project link:

Work Certificate:

MatabeOnline Implemented Features:

  • Interactive Online Chat-Bot, Phone-Call Reminder System, Medical Consultation System, Intelligent Drug Dosage Calculation, Visualization Patient’s Vital Indicators over Time in order to Diagnose Critical Segments

MatabeOnline to Do Features:

  • Intelligent Web-Based Medical Self-Diagnosis and Decision Support system

Computer Skills

  • Advanced Programming Languages & Technology & Skills:

Python, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL SERVER, AJAX, XML, C, C++, AWS, Email Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook API, Instagram API, Telegram API, Chat-Bot Programming, Web-Based CRM Programming

Familiar with:

AngularJS, Node.js, ReactJS, Android, ASP.NET, C#, MongoDB, SPSS, MATLAB, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Google Cloud Platform, Network+, CCNA, CCNP, Trello, GitHub

Teaching Experience


(Science and Research Branch, Azad University, Tehran, Iran)

      –     Research Methodology, ۲۰۱۷, Network Gates and Portals, ۲۰۱۶

     (Qazvin Branch, Azad University, Qazvin, Iran)

  • Communication, ۲۰۱۳, Electrical Measurement, ۲۰۱۱

Text Books

  • Writer and Translator, Data Analysis with SQL Server – OLAP. (Under Publication)

Graduate Courses

Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Advanced Control, Linear Control Systems, Linear Control Lab, System Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Data Mining and Data Warehousing, Fuzzy Logic & Artificial Intelligence, Network Gates and Portals, Advanced MIS, Organizational Architecture and SIS, KM


  • English: Academic IELTS 6 Certificate Link                      –                 Persian: Mother Tongue

Society Membership

  • Student Member, Iranian Society of Electrical Engineers (ISEE), 2007- 2013.
  • Member of Young Researcher Club, 2009- Present.

Favorites Experience

  • Honorary Cooperation with International Genius Handicap NGO, Tehran from 2005- Present.
  • Honorary Cooperation and Cofounder of Mohsenin Charity, Tehran from 2011- Present.


Excellent professional references and letters of reference available on request.

Prof. Morteza Mousakhani  Recommendation Link